Thursday, January 4, 2024

Good Evening Rusk County & Friends!
I am pleased to say that after some head scratching and thoughtfulness, I have been able to get logged into our Facebook page and this website. I sure appreciate the help I have received from some really good friends of the shelter. 

The loss of two integral employees of this small organization- at the same time- put everything in a tail-spin for a few minutes. A few board members picked up the pieces and held it together for the past few months. Their transition wasn't easy, but here we are. 

My name is Erin Webster, and I am excited to be the Executive Director of the Lighthouse Shelter. This is my first jump in to the non-profit, social service sector, but I am eager to get to know more of you in the community and the partners that will help us here at the Lighthouse Shelter meet our mission!

Over the next several months there will be a lot to learn and to do to get settled in with this new role. I am excited to stabilize this important organization. I am also excited to see it grow. The need of emergency housing, whether very short-term or longer-term, is a growing need with-in our community and in most communities in this nation. 

This organization, like most in our communities, exits only because members like you believe that it should. I ask that you support us. Consider a donation by check or PayPal. Maybe you are able to give a recurring monthly donation. When you are replacing household items, consider us for your old items that are in good condition. Check out our Donate tab to see what items we always need. Tell your friends and neighbors about our mission. 

Feel free to call, text, or e-mail me with questions or concerns! Do you want to volunteer? Do you have a group that looks to help organizations like ours? E-mail me!

Let's work together to address the varied needs of homeless people in Rusk County.

Best Regards,

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